About Karen Moran Designs Fine Gemstone Jewelry

About Karen M Designs | Fine Gemstone Jewelry

For almost a decade I owned a Cooking Channel, Martha Stewart Weddings, Brides, blah, blah, blah featured mobile bakery and bar service in Charleston, SC. I catered over 300 private events with James Beard winning chefs, Darius Rucker, Bill Murray, Elle King and the list continues.

BravoTV even made a gif of my eye rolls at the antics going down right in front of me while shooting and episode of Southern Charm.

‚ÄčWhile I absolutely loved what I created - I did not love my ever expanding waistline¬†that went along with 70-90 hour work weeks and taste testing every cookie, cupcake and cocktail that went out the door.

It was during COVID, I like a lot of you, opted for a quality of life. 

And so I sold off my business assets, stopped drinking alcohol, lost five inches from my no longer expanding waistline and picked up an artistic love that's been dormant since my early 20s.

I spend hours sources the best quality gems, fabricating gold earrings from scratch, custom dying threads and painstakingly hand-knotting each and every stone. There is nothing more rewarding, flattering and humbling than having a stranger stop you to compliment a necklace...and then place an order right there.

Sometimes I guess you have to get back to where you started from, to know exactly where you want to be.

I personally hand-knot each gem with a passion and inspiration from my coastal surroundings. I hope you see the love and care in each piece I create.

Karen Moran
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